The ultimate Big Data preparation tool

Bumblebee is the easiest and powerful tool to clean, transform, and prepare Big Data for Machine Learning and Analytics.

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Install Bumblebee in your laptop, on-prem or in the cloud.

  • Open Source

    Apache 2 License. Open an issue on Github, propose a feature, and interact in the forum.
  • Local, on-premise or in the cloud

    From your laptop, in your company cluster or from cloud servers. Analyze your data from anywhere.
  • Encrypted

    All your data is encrypted end to end using Fernet, From Bumblebee to your browser.

Explore. Transform. Prepare

Take a look!

Load and Explore

Get data from CSV, JSON, parquet, Avro files, and databases. Then get histograms, frequency charts, and advance stats.

Transform and Clean

Convert unstructured data, standardize string values, unify date format, Impute data, and handle outliers. Also, you can create custom functions.

Prepare for Machine Learning

Bin columns, string clustering, one-hot encode, scaling, and split train and test data.

Interact with code like in jupyter notebook

Every action over your data is added as a transformation step using python code that you can modify anytime. Also, you can add any python code you want to make complex Apache Spark transformations.

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