Open Source Data Preparation 20x Faster

Bumblebee is the easiest and most powerful tool to clean, transform, and prepare data of any size for Analysis, Visualization, Reporting, and Machine Learning. All in a spreadsheet-like interface

Decrease your frustration preparing data and focus on get insights

  • Clicks & Drags-and-Drops

    Our AI-Empowered spreadsheet like-interface makes the work easier for you to wrangle the data, correct wrong and duplicate values, and identify and group similar strings.

  • Automated Workflows

    Create cleaning repeatability by creating a “Data Recipe”.

    Next time you need to clean the datasets from the same source, run your pre-saved Data Recipe, and make Bumblebee clean the data for you.

  • Load Data from Aywhere

    Load data from CSV, JSON, Parquet, local, or from a URL. Also, connect to data from databases .

    Load data from any place in just a couple of clicks.

Faster. Simpler. Better.

Save your Workflows and next time allow Bumblebee to clean the data for you.

  • Import your data
  • Get insight with AI empowered data profiling
  • Explore, wrangle, clean and reshape
  • Save your Workflow
  • Share New Dataset

AI Empowered Data Preparation for 20x Results using GPUs

Learn how Artificial Intelligence helps you to clean your data faster

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Share datasets and scripts, empower your data analyst team to explore and share findings with the entire company, clean your data automatically on a schedule.

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